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With the national legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, same-sex divorce became a reality as well. In general, same-sex divorce in California proceeds the same way as other divorces. The court divides assets as equitably as possible, mediation is available to resolve disputes, and more.

Same-sex divorces have some unique issues that need legal assistance. With an experienced same-sex divorce lawyer in Glendora or Irvine, you can have someone on your side as you work through these difficult and often stressful issues.

Some of the problems unique to same-sex divorce include:

  • Custody and visitation when there is only one biological parent
  • Fair division of assets for long-term relationships that were only married recently due to legal issues
  • Relationships where there was both a domestic partnership and marriage or only a partnership

In many ways, a same-sex divorce proceeds the same way as any other divorce. You will make decisions about alimony, debt, combined property, and legal fees. If you and your partner are contesting these issues, you may end up in mediation or court to resolve them.

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Custody Issues Among Same-Sex Couples

Unfortunately, children in a same-sex divorce is an area that has little precedence. This means that determining custody, visitation, and child support can be much more challenging for same-sex couples.

When there is a dispute about child custody and parenting practices, the California courts have to review who the biological parent is, perceived caregiver roles, and other considerations that are in a legal gray area. It is in the best interest of the couple to reach an amicable agreement to avoid an uncertain legal outcome.

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