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In a divorce proceeding, questions concerning child custody are often the most likely to incite frustration and contention. As a parent, you care deeply about your child's future. Determinations regarding legal custody and physical custody are unique to each case and to each family.

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Child Custody Modifications & Parental Relocation in California

Where there has been a significant change in circumstances, a party can request the court to modify child custody or visitation.

The following may warrant a change of custody or a modification of a visitation schedule:

  • Relocation (also called a "move away")
  • Domestic violence / child abuse
  • Drug or alcohol abuse in the household
  • Any situation that may present a danger to the child's welfare

We also represent parties with international relocation problems, including Hague Convention cases or international kidnapping by one of the parents or relatives.

Understanding Child Custody Laws in California

Family courts in California prioritize a child's best interests and view involvement from both parents as important and ideal. This means that the court will look to establish some form of joint custody whenever possible.

Child Custody Terms & Meanings

If you have a dispute regarding child custody, the court can appoint a minor's counsel to represent the interest of the child. If child custody is highly disputed, the parties can request, or the court can order, a child custody evaluation.

Child custody can refer to legal custody or physical custody and can be joint or sole:

  • Legal custody encompasses the ability to make decisions on behalf of the child, including medical, educational and religious decisions.
  • Physical custody concerns a child's physical location – where he or she resides and who provides daily care.
  • Joint custody refers to shared custody between the mother and father.
  • Sole custody refers to one parent having total custody over the child, either legal custody, physical custody or both.

Most of the time, child custody disputes center around physical custody. Typically, there will be a primary custodial parent, with whom the child will reside the majority of the time. For the other parent, the time spent with the child is commonly referred to as visitation, shared custody or parenting time. A child custody lawyer will be better able to assist and guide you in these matters and answer any questions you may have relating to child custody, child support, and visitation.

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