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Will Attorney in Glendora

Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer for Wills in Glendora & Irvine, CA

Preparing a will is one of the most fundamental aspects of estate planning. When done properly, a will can offer the peace of mind you deserve and ensure that your wishes are carried out even after you pass. That being said, it is a momentous task that should not be taken lightly. At Morris Law Firm, our Glendora will lawyer has over 25 years of legal experience and provides nationally recognized legal counsel.

Our legal team places a high priority on your experience and satisfaction. We are here for you every step of the way, able to address your concerns and help you pursue the most favorable outcome. When you retain the services of Attorney Morris, you will get the services of Attorney Morris; you can be sure that your case will not pass along to someone else. Our team handles every case personally and works hard to fulfill your unique goals for the future.

What are the Benefits of Having a Will?

A will essentially allows you to remain in control of your assets even after you die. Without one, the state of California has the right to distribute your property according to the intestacy law. Although a will can be prepared fairly quickly, it will pay dividends for a lifetime.

A will can be used to accomplish all of the following:

  • Designate who you want your property to go to
  • Appoint someone to manage property left to minor children
  • Name a personal guardian to care for minor children
  • Nominate an executor who will carry out the terms of your will

The Process of Making a Will in California

An experienced attorney can help you get your will drafted and finalized efficiently - and explain every step of the process, so that you may move forward with confidence. After writing out your will with the help of an estate planning lawyer, the finalization process is simple. You must sign your will in front of two witnesses and then have your witnesses sign it as well. Legal counsel should precede any future amendments.

Allow Our Will & Estate Planning Attorney to Help You Plan for the Future

If you are looking to establish a will, request a consultation with Morris Law Firm today. We understand that this can be a complex issue and we promise to approach the matter caringly and efficiently. A will has a significant impact on the future, so it is best to prepare one while you are still of sound mind and body.

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