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Healthcare Planning in Glendora, CA

An Irvine Estate Planning Lawyer Helping Make Your Wishes Clear for Family & Doctors

If you were seriously ill and unable to communicate, who would make decisions about your medical care? Even if you have told a trusted person what you want, it is possible that emotions and complex choices can get in the way. It is best if they know exactly what you want ahead of time.

Advance healthcare planning and directives give instructions regarding:

  • The use of advanced life-sustaining medical treatment
  • The use of feeding and hydration tubes in terminal situations
  • If and when doctors should stop life-sustaining measures
  • The use of pain relief, antibiotics, and CPR

Ensuring that your family knows your medical wishes in the case of a severe, incapacitating illness can give you peace of mind and help reduce stress on your family members. A clear advance directive created with help from a skilled estate planning attorney in Glendora or Irvine can make healthcare choices easier.

Do not leave your family wondering how to handle your care. For an appointment to create an advance health care planning document, contact the Morris Law Firm at (626) 914-2791 today.

Update Directives Often

Advance healthcare directives are legal documents in the United States. There are many forms, including a living will, power of attorney for healthcare, the Five Wishes directive, and the Lifecare Advance Directive. One concern that can arise with advance medical directives is that they represent one moment in time. It is important not to create one and forget about it. You should revisit it often to make sure that the instructions still fit your values and wishes.

It is a good idea to review your advance health care directives every year and ensure that they still make sense based on your values and current medical technology. If you need to make changes, contact the experienced Glendora estate planning lawyer at the Morris Law Firm Our team can help you through the process of updating this important document.

Make your wishes clear by creating an advance health care directive today. For a consultation, contact us at (626) 914-2791.