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At the Morris Law Firm, we understand how crucial every matter of family law is, and we are prepared to use our 25+ years of experience to help you successfully navigate the adoption process.

Board-Certified Family Law Specialist

In fact, our legal team includes a California board-certified family law specialist. This means that we have gone above and beyond in our training to reach a rare level of certification. We have the expertise you deserve at your side for this vital legal procedure.

We realize the uniqueness of each case we approach, yet with every client we help, our goals are in many ways the same. One of our main goals is to deliver efficient representation. We don't want the legal paperwork, loopholes, and hearings to last any longer than necessary. We will seek to save you as much on legal costs and needless stress as possible.

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What are the Different Types of Adoption in California?

Whether you face issues with birth parent consent, need representation for your adoption hearing, or want to understand where to begin, you can rely on our firm. We have skillfully handled hundreds of cases. Don't hesitate to see how we can be of service to you.

Our family law firm can provide counsel for all types of CA adoptions, including:

  • Agency Adoptions
    • Adoption through a licensed organization.
  • Independent Adoptions
    • Also known as private adoption. This method of adoption happens between a birth-mother and prospective parents directly.
  • International Adoptions
    • The adoption of a child from another country.
  • Stepparent / Registered Domestic Partner Adoptions
    • This type of adoption occurs when a stepparent legally adopts a stepchild.

Termination of Parental Rights & Stepparent Adoption

Our experienced California adoption lawyer also handles the termination of parental rights' issues that can accompany an adoption, especially a stepparent adoption in CA.

The termination of a parent's rights can be voluntary or involuntary:

  • Voluntary Termination: This occurs when the parent decides that he or she can no longer care for a child, and voluntarily gives parental rights up.
  • Involuntary Termination: This may occur in situations where a parent has failed to pay support or where there has been no interaction between the parent and the child.

How to Voluntarily Terminate Parental Rights

Seeking to voluntary terminate your parental rights is often difficult to do since there are only specific scenarios in which the court would allow it.

You may be able to voluntarily terminate parental rights if:

  • You are giving up your rights for adoption
  • It would be in the child's best interests
  • You are surrendering your rights for the new parent to step in

The law makes it difficult to surrender your parental rights so that the child is protected. This is under the U.S. Constitution as the right to a parent-child relationship. Keep in mind, restoring your parental rights is difficult. This is because CA law prohibits a parent to petition the court for reinstatement of rights. Only the child can do this by expressing his or her wishes to reunite. This does not apply to adoption however.

If you are seeking an involuntary termination of a parent's rights, you should seek experienced legal counsel. We can assist in obtaining paternity tests to establish parental rights or to demonstrate the lack of parental rights.

Unwed Mother's Rights in California

In addition, we help unwed mothers who want to give up their child for adoption in CA. Unmarried mothers in California receive automatic sole custody with full parental rights. This essentially means that the biological father will have zero rights towards his child until paternity is established.

If the mother wishes to abandon her rights and give the child up for adoption, the father cannot contest. However, if the father establishes paternity via DNA test beforehand, he can take full custody of the child.

Choosing the Right Adoption Lawyer in California

At the Morris Law Firm, our California adoption attorney is committed to regular communication. We want to be responsive to your needs, as well as help you understand what to expect at every turn of the adoption process. You won't be left in the dark as we push papers, instead, you can rest assured knowing exactly where your case stands and what we are proactively doing to move your case forward.

Call one of our California adoption lawyers at (626) 914-2791 or contact us online to go over the CA adoption process.