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Glendora Parental Relocation Lawyer

Representing Clients in Move-Away Cases

When couples get divorced, inevitably they begin leading separate lives. A fresh start in a new state or across the country may sound appealing. This is a harmless move, that is unless children are involved. Regardless, sometimes a move is required and when that happens it is important for you to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

We have extensive experience representing clients throughout California's Inland Empire. Our deep background in family law helps us effectively prepare clients for how judges in each county interpret laws, affecting one's ability to relocate with their children.

Whether you or your ex is looking to relocate, our Glendora parental relocation attorney can help you protect the interests of your children.

Relocating with Children After Divorce

spouse relocating after divorce

Our move-away lawyers in Glendora are well-prepared to develop a compelling legal argument, demonstrating the best scenario for your children. In some cases, we have shown judges that children would benefit from moving with their parent if the other one has shown abusive behaviors or failed to hold a steady job. We have also demonstrated to judges that parental relocation would not be beneficial for children involved if a parent was moving for a new partner instead of a job opportunity.

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Part of our success is due to our extensive background tailoring our approach around clients' legal needs. We have worked with dozens of clients looking to relocate out of state with their children. The attorneys at Morris Law Firm also have a background protecting clients' child custody rights, demonstrating why a move would be harmful to the children.

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