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Durable Power of Attorney Lawyer in Glendora

Appoint the Right Person to Protect Your Future with Power of Attorney Near You

No one wants to think about it, but there may come a time when you cannot make your own decisions. A variety of accidents, diseases, or other unforeseen circumstances may leave your family struggling with care and decision-making. Unfortunately, the person left out of the discussions is the person it affects the most – you. That's why you should create a power of attorney near you - to protect your future.

What is a POA?

By creating a durable power of attorney now, you can protect your future. You can choose who should make your decisions and give some directions regarding your finances and health care wishes. You can name any trusted adult as your agent in your power of attorney. They do not need to be a lawyer or even a relative. When you create a power of attorney near you, it should be someone you trust whom you expect to be willing and able to take care of your needs if you are incapacitated.

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How to Get Power of Attorney

In California, obtaining power of attorney (POA) requires the completion of certain legal steps, which an experienced attorney can help with.

  1. The first step to getting a POA is deciding who will serve as "attorney in fact." This decision must be made carefully and consent is required if the heir or grantee is 18 years old or older. When it comes to minors, their parents may serve as attorney in fact – but only after approval from a guardian or court.
  2. Next, an official form must be filled out and signed by both you and your chosen attorney in fact. This document should specify the exact powers that have been granted to the attorney in fact and any limits on those powers.
  3. Finally, copies of this document should then be notarized and filed with both your county clerk's office and wherever else it is needed (e.g., banks). If done correctly, you will then have officially obtained power of attorney in California.

once your power of attorney is granted to another person or entity, it will allow them to act on your behalf for a variety of different matters, such as:

  • Managing an estate
  • Paying bills
  • Making investments, and more

When to Update Your Durable Power of Attorney

As time goes on, life changes, often in significant ways. The person who was set up to be your power of attorney when you were 30 may be someone who is no longer in your life at all. It is important to update your durable power of attorney regularly.

You will want to update your power of attorney if:

  • The person you designated becomes ill or passes away
  • You no longer have contact with your chosen designee
  • You have gone through a divorce or separation that impacts your family
  • You no longer trust the person you designated
  • Your original designee to no longer has the time or ability to care for you

Whom you choose as your power of attorney has a significant impact on your future and your quality of life if something happens. Choose wisely, and work with a Glendora estate planning lawyer to create and update your power of attorney.

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